First time in Israel - weekend of

Dances of Universal Peace

With three senior teachers from different countries


at 'Love Farm' in Moshav Talmey-Elazar  

*After the retreat there will be a Sweat lodge ceremony leaded by Jorge from Colombia

Yelena Swarana (Latvia)
 is the co-founder of the Dancing Hearted camps in Latvia and the organizer of international and local DUP and Sufi events. Leading the Dances of Universal Peace since 2010.  Through mantras and Dances Yelena is sharing the never-ending joy and sweetness of the Heart. 

Jorge Arjun (Colombia)

is part of the Board of Directors of the International Organization for the Dances of Universal Peace.

and facilitators of DUP.

He is a medicine man, running different  ceremonies and travelling bringing these ceremonies to the family around the world.

He is one of the founders of Atlantida Ecovillage, and also cofounder  Latinamerican Ecovillage Network

Malika eleane (U.S-Colombia)

 has been initiated in the lineage of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. she is mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace, musician performer and singer of sacred music of various mystical philosophies.

Participates as a guest teacher at different Sufi retreats in different countries and has shared her music in Healing Music Festivals.

What is Dances of Universal Peace ?

The dances are Spiritual practice that brings us face to face with Life and Truth, prior to the concepts and beliefs of the person, opening to our true nature - authentic, unguarded, beyond form and imbued with the spaciousness and love that connects all.

The Dances of Universal Peace are spiritual practice in motion. Drawing on the sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of the many spiritual traditions of the earth, the Dances blend chant, live music and evocative movement into a living experience of unity, peace and integration. This taste of our true nature - as Universal Peace - opens to the possibility of a deep spiritual revolution within the person.

the Dances are suitable for every-one, no need to be a dancer or any kind of prior experience. Just come with open heart. or with heart who wants to be open...

The Dances are practiced in many places around the world. Practice in Israel has recently started , and it is a wonderful opportunity to experience them through the leading of three great instructors who come to this retreat.

We feel that beyond the  heart-opening and the exaltation that the dances bring, they also have a unique energy that can bring healing and peace to ourselves, our neighbors and this land.

For registration and any questions please leave your details and we will contact you

Important Details


From Thursday (16:30) to Saturday noon -  29-31/8/19

on Saturday evening we will have a Sweat Lodge ceremony led by Jorge. All details are below.


At 'Love Farm' in Moshav Talmey-Elazar (few minutes from Pardes Hanna).

Write "חווה של אהבה" on WAZE or call us for instructions.

The farm is an eco-farm, a center for workshops, hilling and connection to earth.

In the farm there is a beautiful space (with A/C) where the dances will take place.

There is an option to sleep in this space (mattresses provided) or to bring your own tent.


The first 5 to register - at a reduced cost of 620 NIS.

10 following registrants - at a semi-reduced cost of 650 NIS.

The following registrants for a full payment of 680 NIS.

Occupancyis limited according to the size of the dance space.

*  Payment includes 5 delicious and vegan meals (3 meals on Friday, dinner on Thursday and breakfast on Shabbat, and more...), lodging, and all the activities of the retreat.

* People who want private room for extra chrage can talk with us.

What to bring?

Please bring with you comfortable clothes for movement, bed linen and personal belongings. 

For those interested in sleeping in tents - tents and sleeping bags. 

Sweat Lodge ceremony led by Jorge from Colombia

Jorje (mono) is a medicine man, running Sweat Lodge leader for 8 years, sun dancer for 10 years, running a vision quest and travelling bringing these ceremonies to the family also out of Colombia.

He is one of the founders of Atlantida Ecovillage, and cofounder of the Latinamerican Ecovillage Network.

Active in the Role of vision keepers with the elders, keeping the intention of the original dream. Biologist, specialist in etnobiology and afroamerican communities and their knowledge in plants.

The ceremony will be after the retreat end.

We will meet at Saturday evening, 31.8, at 19:30.

Number of people at the sweat is limited to 20 people.

Price for person - 150 NIS.

For someone who partisipates in the reatreat - 120 NIS.

Pre-registration only

For registration to the retreat and/or the sweat lodge, or for any questions please leave your details and we will contact you

The organizers of the retreat - Hadas Shamai and Yair Dvir. Students of Jorge and Melika. Therapists and musicians. Instructors of DUP circles in monthly groups in Rosh Pina, Pardes Hanna and Nataf, and in festivals throughout the country.

For more details, please fill in your details above or contact us | 050-831-5730 | 052-389-5158

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